Optimising your organisation? Get started today!

Worrying about the day when the next Uber, Netflix of Coolblue will take up your market share? Do you believe that your organisation and/or department should be able to adapt quickly when changes come-a knocking? How are you handling matter such as sustainability, health and well-being?

Good news: the fact that you’re asking yourself these questions, proves you’re off to a good start! After all, being critical about your own work, your way of work and the results you’re generating, is essential to stay on top of your game. 

Improve the way you work with the help of Semco. With our Semco Style Fundamentals program, you’re on your way to High Performance teams and self-managing teams.

Who benefits from this program?

The Fundamentals program is for everyone who wants to know more about the Semco Style principle.


Practical information

  • Cost of the program: €490 (excl. BTW). A daily additional expense of €25 will be charged for location and catering. All Semco Style Institute trainings can count on financial contribution via the KMO-wallet.

  • Duration of the program: 1 day

  • Location: De Stal - Laarstraat 24, 2520 Ranst

  • Language: Dutch


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What will you learn during the training? 

The Fundamentals program provides following insights:

  • Learn to identify important developments, trends and/or movements for your organisation;

  • Know what’s necessary for your organisation to make it agile, flexible and easily adaptable when change arrives;

  • Create a positive environment where change and innovation is welcomed;

  • Improve the relationship with your clients;

  • Discover the most important steps towards more autonomy and self-management;

  • Know and understand why a self-managing team performs better - and know how to become one yourself;

  • Use this knowledge to transform your employees into more involved, efficient and happy people;

  • Learn how to prioritise client performance;

  • Discover how better financial achievements have a positive influence on your work-life balance.



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