How will this module optimise your organisation?

During this programme, you’ll learn how to organise your organisation in a more efficient way. This way, you’ll make everyone happier! You’ll make your personnel feel more involved, for instance. Next to this, the collaboration between disciplines and departments will get a boost for the better - and your client satisfaction rate will go through the roof. 

Hooked already? Then you should definitely sign up for the Semco Style Changemaker programme.

Who benefits from this programme?

The Changemaker programme is perfect for every entrepreneur, team leader and changemaker who believes in new and better ways to organise a company. In the mood for an organisation with happier employees who perform better? Great. That’s the way to go! There’s only one entry requirement: a practice project for you to apply your newly learned Semco Style principles on! 

Practical information

Before we commence the training, we always make sure to have a personal chat with you. During this talk, we choose the perfect practical project for your goals.

  • Cost of the program: €2990* (excl. BTW). A daily additional expense of €25 will be charged for location and catering. All Semco Style Institute trainings can count on financial contribution via the KMO-wallet.

  • The full cost, including location, catering and mediation via the KMO-wallet, will be €1839 (excl. BTW).

  • Would you like to combine this training with the Master programme? Great: then you’ll enjoy a €50 discount. When you choose this formula, the full cost (including location, catering, discount and mediation via the KMO-wallet) will be €4886 (excl. BTW).

  • Location: Location: De Stal - Laarstraat 24, 2520 Ranst

  • Duration of the programme: 3 days

  • Language: trainings are in Dutch, the courses and study material are in English



What will you learn during the training?

Become an inspiring leader of your own self-managing team! Learn which skills will help you to keep every single employee in a happy place. We’ll help you with the implementation of those skills within your organisation.

During the Changemaker programme, you’ll learn how to

  • Turn your organisation into a (more) flexible one;

  • Assemble teams where talent and achievements are the central points of focus;

  • Generate ownership and entrepreneurship with your colleagues;

  • Achieve optimal team results;

  • Stimulate your team to perform the best they can.


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