About us

Semco Style Institute BeLux was founded in 2018 all under the watchful eye of founder Ricardo Semler, of course, whose philosophy is the foundation of Semco Style.

SEMCO is the Brazilian company where Semler started out with the successful implementation of his revolutionary ideas. With our programmes, we want to encourage entrepreneurs, CEO’s, (HR-)managers, changemakers and enterprises to evolve into self-managing and autonomous teams. Makes sense: happier employees provide better results.

Our certified trainers teach three different programmes (Fundamentals, Changemaker and Master) as well as a consultancy option. All of the above are also available as incompany programme. Making Work Awesome starts right here!

And one more thing...

All trainings of the Semco Style Belux Institute qualify for support via the KMO-wallet
DVnr. of the KMO-wallet: DV.O228934


Tom Herrijgers
Consultant and marketing


Christophe De Wit


Nick Van Langendonck